My name is Ryan Babbs,

I've worked in the entertainment industry out in Los Angeles for over 16 years as an actor, director, producer, writer, photographer and cinematographer/videographer.

Back in early 2018 I moved to Atlanta to continue working in the field of entertainment while also creating Wind Rose Films.

What separates Wind Rose Films from our competition is one simple thing. Whether it’s myself or my team you are getting videographers/cinematographers that have worked on and in, film and television. From composition to pacing. To the placement of actors which would now be you, the Bride and Groom. We understand whats going to make the most cinematic shot.

On your wedding day things are gonna happen at a million miles a second. You can rest assured that myself or my team will be there to capture those moments in all of their cinematic glory while knowing there’s also going to be small moments throughout the day where we can place and light you to help create the best looking version of your story.

Before any wedding is ever booked I personally like to have a face to face. This can be in person or through video chat. This is the beginning process of telling your story. I like to gather the little details that help make From how you met to particular things you would like incorporated into your Film. Making a movie is a creative process that takes everyone's involvement. It's with this initial meeting your movie begins. I'll help explain what's gonna happen from now to the day your film is delivered to you and everything in-between. Total transparency, complete professionalism and my personal assurance, with Wind Rose Films, you're getting a one of a kind experience.

In addition to our filming services we offer professional actor headshots, portraits and real estate photography.

Please feel free to contact us about anything else you’d like captured on video or photographed. It’s our pleasure and we're here to help get you what you need.

Sincerely, Ryan Babbs